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Even MORE Previously Recorded "Live" Bible Teaching Events

From time to time we conduct in-person teaching events at various locations around the area. The format is the same as all of our other lessons but with a little more "personal" feel. Be sure to visit our "Upcoming Events" page often to see if sometime soon we will be coming to a venue near you. If you would like us to come speak at your location, please feel free to Contact Us. Don't worry, we wouldn't even know how to charge an "appearance fee". We do this for God's Glory. If invited, however, we may ask your visitors to Donate to our ministry but that is only as God leads them. Click on any (or all, eventually) of the links below to access recordings of past teaching events.  To aid in your decision, we have given a brief description of the subject matter of each lesson on the list.  However, keep in mind there might be much more included in that lesson than that description contains.  Go ahead, try your luck!!

Psalm 51

God once referred to David as a man after His own heart and yet this mighty king of Israel was so often a man of weakness and moral failure.  David once had a man murdered to hide a great sin he committed with that man's wife.  Psalm 51, one of the so-called Penitential Psalms, is a reflection of the sorrow that David felt for this grievous act he committed.  Click here to listen to a discussion on this famous Psalm and see if you can relate to its author.

Psalm 23

One of the most famous pieces of literature in all the world is Psalm 23; very often called the Shepherd's Psalm.  Click here and listen to a lesson with this beautiful treasure at its heart.


One of the most difficult tasks any preacher, teacher or pastor has is trying to convince his or her listeners that a true reflection of commitment to the cause of Christ is reflected in how a person gives.  This is clearly taught in God's Word.  The links below are to lessons that we conducted to demonstrate this truth.

Giving Part 1
Giving Part 2

The Kinsman Redeemer

Christ came to earth to willingly pay the price necessary to return us to the Father.  He did it the only way it could work...God's way.  Long ago, God instituted a process by which a person who was enslaved due to a debt could be redeemed.  God said that one "near of kin" could pay what was required to purchase freedom. Click here to hear about your Kinsman Redeemer.

God's Love

What do we know about the word "love"?  Do we have a good understanding of the way the Bible teaches about love?  What about God's Love?  What is God's Love?  Does God love us and if He does, how do we know?  Click here to listen in as we try and get some answers to these important questions.

Our Love

The previous lesson taught us about God's Love for us.  Now what?  What about our love for Him?  Click here and listen to this natural follow up conversation.


The Bible makes it clear that we are saved by faith and not by works.  Does that then mean we are free to do as we wish?  Once our salvation is won by faith does it mean that there is no need for morality?  Click here as we discuss this very controversial and yet vital subject.

Being a Disciple

What is a disciple?  How does Jesus define discipleship?  Click here for some answers.

Foolish Galatians

When reading Paul's letter to the Galatians it becomes clear that he is quite upset with them.  They had apparently abandoned relying on the Grace of God to save them.  Click here as we discuss a topic that could very easily apply to today's church world.


The Gospel, which means the Good News, is summed up perfectly by Paul in the Letter to the Ephesians.  "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:" (Eph 2:8)  Click here to hear more.