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Please feel free to contact us by any of the various methods below.  However, please keep in mind we are not counselors.  We are happy to accept prayer requests, words of encouragement and requests for further information but if you are experiencing any signs of severe mental or emotional stress we highly suggest contacting a trained professional who can help you cope with your setbacks.  Also remember that God is a healing and loving God who is available at a moment's notice through prayer.  His answers aren't always immediate but they are always perfect.

One more thing, in most cases, we do not personally return communications you leave for us.  We are not ignoring you and we most certainly appreciate the time you take to reach out to us.  However, it is neither good policy nor practical for us to respond to every correspondence.  Your understanding is appreciated.

Telephone:  484-533-7173

Fax: 866-431-4641


Postal Address:
Chapel Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 350
Southampton, PA 18966