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A significant portion of the research we conduct to produce our lessons is done online.  The Internet is an invaluable tool for Biblical enthusiasts and scholars.  To be certain, relying on the information contained on a website should be done cautiously.  When visiting websites be sure to double check any information and/or sources of information contained thereupon.  We are glad to pass along some of the useful sites that we have found over the years.  As we discover new ones, we will post them here. So be sure to check back often. To make your browsing experience a little more efficient we have categorized the links we have suggested.  Simply click on the category below to be re-directed to a page that lists web addresses that fall into that particular category.  However, let it be perfectly clear that Chapel Ministries is in no way responsible for any content on any website that we ourselves do not maintain.  We repeat, BROWSE CAUTIOUSLY.

For a list of links to websites for the serious (and sometimes, not-so-serious) Biblical scholar, click here.

For a list of links to websites with resources to aid in studying, researching, and in some cases learning Biblical languages (i.e. Hebrew and Greek), click here.

For a list of links to websites that feature free online versions of the Bible, some also with very good study tools, click here.

For a list of links to useful websites that just didn't seem to fit into any category, click here.